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Site dedicado a la busqueda de personas en Paraguay, especialmente padres de niños dados en adopcion internacional.

Site devoted to search people in Paraguay, specially parents of children

that was gift in international adoption.                            (English Version)


Between years 1984 and 1994, more than 1800 children was adopted by foreigners in Paraguay under local laws that permitted it.

Most of them was adopted in total observance of the laws and ethics. Some others, however, was obtained through intermediaries that bought the children (with consent or by lies) or even robbed.

This, joined to the high fees cash by the lawyers, and even corrupt judges, conducted finally to the suspension of the international adoption in the Country.

Now, international adoption is suspended in the Country.

However, hundreds of children adopted in those times, growth and came to the age in which they ask themselves who are their biological parents and where they are. Their adopting parents, usually, support this attitude, that in fact only came to close definitely and in a mature way, a circle opened nearly 15 or 20 years ago.

In other ways, to know some specific data from the biological family background is very important to a person’s future. A medical record of the family will help to prevent and detect diseases at proper time, when otherwise they could be just a far possibility. This was the case in which we informed a family that the mother of their adopted daughter (physically identical !) was diagnosed with diabetes, having just 30 years.

Many times, the data you have looks very little. Sometimes you only have a name very common in a Country with many homonymous, or sometime only an ID Card number, a lawyer’s name, or an address.

However, what could be so little elements from a foreign country, could be enough to a local people.

We received many requests and we find many people, as also we find the traces of died people, or descendants of people that came to live here and never returned. Sometimes we discovered old histories, as the person that asked for a supposedly adopting parent, to find that he was his real father. If you wish to find a people in Paraguay, try us. If you gave us the data you have, we’ll answer you with an evaluation of the real possibilities to found him.

Adoption in Paraguay